Monday, November 17, 2014


Tease of feeling


It would have been quite better,
Had your company been hidden,
Like roses between the pages of the book.
It gives sweet fragrance,
Sometimes says something
Sometimes starts teasing
You get yourself entwined
With the twist of the pages
And O, my femme fatal
I felt your presence
Just By touching
You by  my hand.
Embracing you in my arms
Retire to bed with tickling feelings,
To  stare at your juvenescence.
What a peaceful night,
That would have been!
Really true and one of its kind
Love reads and by saying love
I spent my whole life
With the twist of the  pages of book.
Immense love exists
in our fascinating  world of love,
Neither  you remained afraid
To be away from me
Nor i would have pain of your separation.
I  and you always remain afresh like rose

In the indelible memory of our love.


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